MELIOR BANK PJSC offers the following forms of crediting:

Revolving / non-revolving credit line.
Credits secured by property rights to deposits of legal entities and private individuals.
Credits secured by property and property rights.
Crediting according to individual programs (terms).

The Bank provides short-term (up to one year) and long-term (over one year) credits. The credit currency is Ukrainian hryvnia, U.S. dollars, and euros.

Interest rates on credit transactions:

  • Ukrainian hryvnia: from 20 % per annum;
  • US dollar: from 13 % per annum;
  • Euro: from 13 % per annum.

Interest rates on overdraft is set individually depending on the financial performance of the borrower.


One-time commission fee: 1 percent; monthly commission fees are absent.

The Bank provides the possibility to make early repayment of the credit without additional coordination and penal sanctions.