MELIOR BANK PJSC provides bank guarantees, which are the obligations of the guarantor bank that are provided at the customer’s request and refer to the obligation of the bank to pay the amount specified in the guarantee to any other party in the event of default of the contract terms of payment, delivery of goods, or other obligations by the customer.

The processing time for the guarantees that are covered with cash constitutes 1-2 banking days.

Main types of guarantees provided by MELIOR BANK PJSC:

Tender guarantees, which guarantee performance of tender conditions by competitive tender bidders. The guarantees for participation in competitive tenders are provided in accordance with the terms of the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement."

Payment guarantees, which are used when the seller of goods (or services) provides a deferred payment option to the buyer of goods (or services) under the terms of the concluded contract.

Performance guarantees, which are used to guarantee the customer or the buyer the fulfillment of contractual obligations by the seller or the contractor for the supply of goods or implementation of work under the terms of the concluded contract.

Counter-guarantees are the guarantees provided by counter-guarantor banks to guarantor banks to be provided as guarantees to a third party.

The cost of provision of Bank guarantees constitutes from 2,500 UAH without additional fees.