Banking Metals

Traditional banking metals are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. However, gold is in the greatest demand. For thousands of years, gold has remained a benchmark of the price. The central banks of major countries invest in gold in an effort to achieve monetary and price stability. Investing in gold for medium and long intervals bears almost no risk: the cost of the metal has been rising steadily throughout the last decades.
Benefits of investment into banking metals:
→ reliability of investment because banking metals are protected the most against depreciation of all currencies;
→ high attraction, which allows the use of bullions as gifts;
→ compact and stable physical properties for easy transportation and storage;
→ sound liquidity, which provides fast selling on favorable terms due to the constant demand;
→ possibility of the industrial use because banking metals are raw material for the industrial production.
MELIOR BANK PJSC offers its clients bullions of banking metals by recognized manufacturers from Switzerland and Germany.
The bullions of banking metals (from 1 to 1,000 grams) have the highest fineness degree and a certificate that confirms the banking metal quality.
Clients of MELIOR BANK PJSC can always count on individual approach and the best prices for precious metals.

         Banking Metals Exchange Rates


Name, fineness, and weight of bank metal bullions Purchase Sale
  UAH for UAH for UAH for UAH for
  gram bullion gram bullion
Bank bullions, 999,9        
 Gold 1 gram 530,00 530,00 650,00 650,00
Bank bullions, 999,9        
Gold 2 gram. 529,00 1058,00 620,00 1240,00
Bank bullions, 999,9        
Gold 2,5 gram. 528,00 1320,00 605,00 1512,50
Bank bullions, 999,9        
 Gold 5 gram. 527,00 2635,00 591,00 2955,00
Bank bullions, 999,9        
 Gold 10 gram. 526,00 5260,00 585,00 5850,00
Bank bullions, 999,9        
 Gold 20 gram. 525,00 10500,00 580,00 11600,00
Bank bullions, 999,9        
 Gold 31,103 gram. (1 Тр. Унція) 525,50 16344,63 577,00 17946,43
Bank bullions, 999,9        
 Gold 50 gram. 524,00 26200,00 576,00 28800,00
Bank bullions, 999,9        
 Gold 100 gram. 523,00 52300,00 575,00 57500,00